Easy Baked Salmon with Dijon Mustard

You might think this recipe is crazy … I certainly did. The first time I made it, I was just being polite – obliging a treasured friend who clearly wanted to ruin dinner. Honestly, Cindy, I thought you were crazy. I was mentally preparing to gag down straight mustard with a hint of salmon on the backend. And, I was rehearsing something to say when my husband either refused to taste it or involuntarily spit it out. (He is not a fish fan … Well, he likes shellfish, especially if someone else peels it. Anyway …)

I Was Wrong, This Salmon Is Crazy Good

The mustard does something to tone down the fish and the fish does something to tone down the mustard. The result is a surprisingly tasty dish that even dedicated salmon haters admit is good. Or, at least the best tasting salmon they’ve ever had …

This dish has an upscale feel to it and it makes a gorgeous presentation – like something you’d get from a restaurant.

Crazy Good & Crazy Simple

All you do is slather the fillet with Old Style Dijon Mustard and bake it. And by slather, I mean coat the entire fillet with the mustard. I used a whole jar of mustard for a Costco sized fillet.

Fresh Salmon Fillet coated with Old Style Whole Grain DIjon Mustard

Once cooked, the mustard marinade turns into a crust that’s both sweet and tangy. And, the little balls of whole mustard seed add a lovely textural component.

Baked Salmon with Dijon Mustard
Baked salmon with Dijon mustard served with zucchini noodles.

So Easy – Slather and Bake

Easy Baked Salmon with Dijon Mustard

Slather a large salmon fillet with an entire jar of Old Style Dijon Mustard. Let it sit for about 30 minutes. Then Bake at 350 till done
Prep Time 2 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 42 minutes
Course Main Course
Servings 6


  • 1 large salmon fillet
  • 1 jar Old Style Dijon Mustard
  • 2 lemons for garnish and juicing over the cooked fish


  • Preheat oven to 350. Put your salmon fillet on a foil-lined cookie sheet. Coat the salmon fillet with a thick layer of Old Style Dijon Mustard. Use the whole jar for a Costco sized fillet.
  • Let it sit for 20 - 30 minutes to absorb the flavor.
  • Bake at 350 for 15 - 20 minutes. Use the 10 minutes for an inch of thickness guide. Salmon is better undercooked than overcooked.


Before you coat the fish with mustard, inspect it for small bones and pull them out. Perfectly cooked fish flakes easily when poked with a fork. Let the salmon rest for a few minutes after it comes out of the oven. 


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