How To Grow Your Own Sprouts

Bean Sprouts add the perfect finishing touch to so many things. And personally, I love a veggie sandwich bursting with cucumbers, tomatoes, and sprouts. But, it seemed like every time I pulled them out of the frig, they were already soggy and brown. So, quit buying them.

Then, I learned it was a no-brainer to grow your own.

Enter Ramesh Bjonnes at the Prama Institute in North Carolina

Ramesh is a leader in yoga, meditation, and vegetarianism. (How I ended up in one of his classes is another story …) But, in his easy, no stress, just-turn-off-your-hyperactive-Western-mind-and-relax manner, he explained how ridiculously simple it is to grow them. Ramesh shared a story about a very poor man he met in India whose healthy complexion did not match his difficult life in a busy, dirty Indian city. When questioned on how he looked so healthy, the man answered by leading Ramesh to his tiny one-room home where on thee window sill were several jars growing sprouts.

This is my secret.” He explained.

Ramesh’s new friend had been eating sprouts daily for years because of their low cost and health benefits. This guy was eating them, eating them. Like as a meal, not a garnish. He was definitely getting his a daily dose of a superfood!

It is crazy simple

All you do is soak your chosen legume overnight, rinse and drain, spread them out a little in the jar and sit them somewhere sunny. In four days, repeat. Treat yourself to these inexpensive nutritional powerhouses.

Check out the photographic progress over a 4 day period

Here is one inch, or 1/4 th cup of lentils covered in water for the overnight soak.

Soak sprouts overnight

Grown your own sprouts, day 2
Sprouts rinsed and jar laid on it’s side after an overnight soak.
Grown your own sprouts day 3
Sprouts growing! Just 36 hours after I put them in to soak.
Grow your own sprouts day 4
Sprouts 4 days after soaking. At this point I put them in the frig.

I have to say: there was a huge difference in flavor between these and store-bought sprouts. Seriously, if sunshine had a taste, it would be these fresh sprouts. Give it a try and let me know what you did with them!




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